Arizona's Prefered Professional On-Site Emergency First Aid
Since 1999

Currently Staffing RN’s & EMT’s

Advantages of using First Responders, Inc.

There is a considerable cost savings to the promoter as there is no longer a need to have an ambulance parked nearby “just in case.” 

  • Most patients do not need an ambulance. Our staff can recognize when an ambulance is needed and call EMS when necessary.
  • There is an immediate increase in the level and professional quality of care delivered to the patrons on site.
  • First Responders provides licensed professional nurses and certified EMTs.
  • Excellent customer service and patient satisfaction allow for a greater positive experience and peace of mind for the attendees and promoters of the event.

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Our Clients

We are trusted by the biggest names in the Valley to be there for their patrons and staff.

Our Benefits

Our experience has shown that less than 2% of our patients need an ambulance transport to the hospital. The other 98% need nursing care.  This allows the patients to return to the event they came to watch and be a part of resulting in greater satisfaction for the patron and the promoter.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a licensed RN or EMT with a passion for helping people, we would love to hear from you! Send us your contact information HERE and we will contact you for an interview! You can also print out an application HERE.

We work with large venues and large events to establish a presence of safety for all patients and staff in attendance.  If any patron is in need of medical assistance, emergency or otherwise, our team is there to provide that support.